Home Improvements

Probably the most common reason for taking a release of equity from the value of a property is to carry out home improvements. Maintenance of the home is a passion for the UK population & home improvements account for almost 2/3rd’s of equity releases completed. …read more


Retirement is the longest holiday of your life, so why not enjoy it that way! With the over 55’s leading a more healthier and active lifestyle, this is having the effect of increasing the life expectancy of the UK population. So this silversurfer generation have more time on there hands than ever before. …read more

Gifting to your children

Helping your children financially is something every parent feels obliged to do. By gifting early in their adult lives can help them significantly at a time when finances are most difficult. There is no official limit as to how much can be gifted, but care should be exhibited for tax reasons for both the donor & recipient of the cash lump sum. …read more

Inheritance tax planning

Inheritance tax for large London estates can amount to tens, even hundreds of thousands of pounds should steps NOT be taken to counter the threat of the taxman. Equity release schemes can be used as a genuine way of mitigating these exorbitant bills charged to the beneficiaries of any large estate. …read more

New car/caravan

When reaching retirement, there may be a host of things that may have past their sell by date. These could range from home furnishings, computers to your main source of independence – your car. We tend to stay loyal to our vehicles & as such maybe keep hold of longer than we should. However, when reliability starts to wain, then its time to say goodbye & out with the old, in with the new. …read more

Move house

We’ve all had some form of mortgage during our lives. A residential mortgage enables us to get onto the property ladder with the hope of one day owning 100% of its value, on or before retirement. However, a house that was befitting as a family home, may not suit once the children have flown the nest. Therefore, a recap in lieu of future financial requirements maybe necessary. …read more

Debt management

Upon reaching retirement, a whole swathe of new financial issues arise as household income drops. Statistics show that average UK income falls from £19,000 in work, to state & pension provision of just £11,600. This represents a 40% drop in income & belts must be tightened. Evidently, being able to afford some of life’s luxuries such as holidays etc could become difficult. …read more

Extending a London lease

Leasehold ownership is usually a straightforward affair; you pay your ground rent to the freehold company & everyone lives in harmony. However, issues can arise as the term of the lease runs down. With many leasehold flats in London, our team of advisers at London Equity Release have plenty of experience of helping clients take a release of equity in order to extend their leasehold flat term. …read more

Long term care planning

The daunting reality of getting older, is that we become less able to conduct our day to day activities. Hopefully, this will be many years ahead, afterall pensioners are living longer & benefitting from health and lifestyle improvements. However, one day there may be the need to receive long term care assistance, whether that be in the home, or by moving into a residential care home. …read more

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