Before entering into any equity release arrangement, all lenders will insist equity release advice has been received beforehand. This is to ensure that a qualified adviser has assessed your situation & provided you with best advice.

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Reaching retirement can be a daunting financial prospect for many. Should a shortfall in income and/or capital arise then one retirement solution can be equity release. However, this decision is not to be taken lightly & the full ramifications & impact that equity release can have on your estate & beneficiaries must be known.

This is why professional equity release advice MUST be obtained & is a requirement of any lifetime mortgage & home reversion lender in the market today.

Your adviser will be regulated by the FCA & all schemes recommended will be members of the Equity Release Council (formerly SHIP). All our London advisors will also have passed their relevant mortgage & equity release examinations.

The Equity Release Council is the trade body overlooking the equity release industry. They set a code of conduct that your equity release adviser must follow & provides you with the confidence of knowing that you are in safe hands & best advice is being provided.

Plans must include the following to qualify for membership: –

Choosing a release of equity from your home is an important decision in your life. Therefore, would recommend you discuss releasing equity with your family and beneficiaries prior to proceeding.

There are alternative options available and by finding an equity release adviser, they will discuss these options with you to see whether they offer a better financial solution.

Some of the questions you may like to ask your London financial adviser could be…


These are equity release schemes including lifetime mortgages & home reversions. To understand the risks & features, ask your London financial adviser for a personalised Key Facts Illustration.