Bespoke London Equity Release Schemes for the UK’s Capital

May 19th, 2014

London Equity Release is a London based equity release firm providing help to Londoners over 55 secure tax free cash to help their kids, with Inheritance Tax, purchasing a second home, making home improvements, and for many other reasons. provides bespoke London equity release schemes from impaired equity release, drawdown, interest only, and roll-up lifetime mortgages. The website offers information encompassing all areas of equity release schemes and offers numerous reasons citizens of London might wish to improve their living standards through these schemes. Several tools like the special London equity release calculator can also be used through the website to garner more information about the products in discussion. …read more

Why London Gentrification Sees Equity Release Plans Prosper

May 19th, 2014

Savills recently released census data regarding the gentrification of London. Their results show that wealthier individuals are returning to London and buying up property. This is creating some interesting situations. One property is becoming lower in supply as demand is up. This in turn is creating a lovely increase in housing values throughout Greater London. As a result of better housing values, over 55s are tapping into equity release plans to take advantage of the rise of the equity stakes in their homes. …read more

Why Are Sales of Hackney Equity Release Schemes Booming?

May 19th, 2014

Hackney is just one borough of Greater London that has seen a drastic change in property market values in recent years. A lot of this has to do with the Olympic effect. The Olympics brought back hope that London was in recovery or would soon recover, thus helping the rest of the UK to end the recession. Combined with the Cross Rail project nearing completion in 2018, urban life is sparkling right now. There is no longer a need to be in rural areas for affordability, when better transportation and more return on property investment can be found. Hackney has seen an increase of 44 per cent and is considered one of the fastest growing areas of Greater London right now. For over 55s living in Greater London experiencing housing price increases, equity release schemes are becoming imperative topics. …read more

How the London Cross Rail Project will See Equity Release UK Sales Boom

May 19th, 2014

In just a few short years the London Cross Rail Project is going to be finished. In 2018, more Londoners will be able to move about with ease and save time. Congestion will be down and this is expected to help the property values in and around London increase. In fact, there are plenty of hotspots throughout London which are already seeing a significant increase. While Prudential equity release may have been revamped, there are still plenty of other equity release products that are going to help in terms of property value increases. …read more

Can Equity Release be used to Fund a Second Home for Londoners?

May 19th, 2014

Living in London is often about fast paces, great places to eat, and plenty of entertainment. For everyday life it can be tantamount to an amazing amount of fun, yet there are times you want to slow down, enjoy your retirement, and see the country. There are products on the market that could help you fund a second home like a country retreat. A bespoke London equity release scheme, even an enhanced lifetime mortgage can be used to tap into equity in your London home to enable the funding of the purchase of a second home. …read more

How Your London Pad Could Create a Foothold on the Alternative Property Ladder

May 19th, 2014

You have already established yourself on the property ladder as you have a London Pad to enjoy. Unlike many first time buyers who wish to purchase homes in London, but cannot afford the down payment, you have done your time, purchased property, and now you are retired. Now you have time on your hands and plenty of opportunities to make the most of it. In fact, you could decide to join in the rush to the alternative property ladder. Equity release enables you to have a second property investment. Your London location makes it doubly perfect since your home value is significant compared to other counties and parts of the UK. Complete your London equity release calculation now to see if the figures are appealing to you and how much you can potential raise. …read more

Why Spending Habits Cause the Older Generation to Lean towards Equity Release

May 16th, 2014

A new report generated by the Personal Finance Research Centre and International Longevity Centre discusses living and food costs. The study resulted in six groups with specific patterns and expenditures that can be used to describe the over 50s. Some of these groups, generally in the Baby Boomer range, tend to have more expenditures than conservative consumers with a head of the household in the 80s or older. With this penchant for spending more at a younger age, even with a career that supported it well, equity release is becoming more of a way to protect retirement lifestyles. Explore equity release calculators to see if your Baby Boomer status could use a boost! …read more

How London Equity Release Schemes Benefit from Rising House Prices

May 16th, 2014

Anyone over 55 living in the Big Smoke is currently benefiting from the exceptionally rising London housing prices. Figures in 2014 have shown that yet again it was UK’s capital seeing the focus of where prices showing the greatest increase. London property values on average soared by 17.7% in February 2014 compared to the year earlier. So how can this growth in London’s equity benefit the over 55’s, or those already in their retirement? …read more

Why Equity Release Schemes are becoming the Saviour for Londoners with Interest Only Mortgages

May 16th, 2014

On the cusp of retirement and yet your mortgage is not repaid in full? Numerous Londoners face this situation and with the Mortgage Market Review (MMR) restricting lenders it is becoming difficult to see what the future can provide in the way of comfort. For those who had an endowment on an interest only mortgage, most are finding it has fallen short to cover the entire amount owed. Others chose a different mortgage with no repayment vehicle. Trying to locate a solution for your retirement years is getting difficult for those over 60. Unless you consider the pros and cons of equity release, which is one solution to the problem of mortgages into retirement. …read more

Compare Aviva Equity Release Deals Independently Before Taking the Plunge

April 25th, 2014

You should never take the first deal you see? When doing research into the best equity release deal, as with any big financial decision, you should always shop around and compare your deals. No two equity release brokers have the same pricing structure. As long as the client has the wherewithal to make the right comparisons they will be able to find the cheapest deals. …read more

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