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London Equity Release has helped individuals over age 55 realise their dreams or relieved financial stress by releasing equity from their property. It plays a crucial role in retirement planning and with FCA regulation and the Equity Release Council standards built in, safety is high on the agenda.
You can feel confident in knowing that anyone referred to one of our experienced advisers, will get the best advice & service possible, rest assured.
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Reassurance is key!

Equity Release has helped many people in the London Boroughs utilise their wealth tied up in their properties. Equity Release London Specialists offer independent advice and can therefore recommend the best deals & interest rates from the whole of the lifetime mortgage & home reversion markets.

With a plethora of providers & products to chose from we take all the hard work & frustrations of trying to find the best equity release deals. That’s why its important if you recommend a personal friend or family member, that you can be assured they will receive the best equity release advice & product deals available.

We have access to exclusive offers from providers such as Aviva, LV= or Hodge Lifetime. These include plans that will suit anyone who’d either prefer roll-up lifetime mortgages with NO monthly payments, or interest servicing mortgages where inheritance protection is essential. We will discuss these & gauge suitability.

Being directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, London Equity Release is also a member of the Equity Release Council (ERC) by its association with Equity Release Supermarket. ERC covered products offer as a minimum the following codes of conduct:

Equity release solutions

You may have taken equity release yourself and will fully understand the importance of speaking with a fully qualified equity release adviser. They are specially licensed & trained to help you fully understand the process involved in releasing equity and discussing whether if indeed it is the best option. Discussing the alternatives before equity release in part of our mantra.

Every individuals needs and requirements are different and it is important to deal with everyone accordingly, hence the importance of specialist impartial advice. Although you may have had your own reasons for proceeding with equity release, it may not be obvious why friends/family could benefit too because as previously mentioned, everyone’s situation is different.

Here are just a few examples of how equity release can help others:

What to do next…

People listen to their friends/family and respect their advice so if you think there is someone you know waiting to benefit from our service please feel free to contact us today!

Equity Release London advisers can also be contacted directly on FREEPHONE 0800 471 4842 or please email the London based team at info@londonequityrelease.com .

The referral contact form is placed above for immediate notification if you wish to utilise this method of contact.

Why wait?…recommend a friend to us & you can earn yourself £100 of M&S vouchers at the same time as doing a loved one a big favour!