London Equity Release Schemes for London Surrounding Boroughs

If these are your first steps into researching whether
equity release is your best option, then our London Equity
Release website provides all the information you need.
We can offer the best equity release advice tailored for you.
So whether you need to calculate the maximum equity release
loan, compare the best equity release deals, or just ask
our specialists a question, all these tools are available here.

Why Use London Equity Release?

London equity release schemes are available to people over
the age of 55, who own their main residence & wish to take
a release of equity to use as they wish. This could be for
a multitude of reasons, from home improvements, gifting to
the children or even extending a short term London lease.
There are many ways of taking an equity release from your
property. The benefits of using our specialists are they
all live in London & understand London property issues.

Introduce to Equity Release London…

We take great satisfaction in building business relationships
with London professionals, such as mortgage brokers,
solicitors, accountants etc. If you have clients over the age of
55 looking to release equity for inheritance tax mitigation,
maybe parents wishing to gift to their children, or people
reaching retirement needing to redeem an interest only mortgage, we are here to help!

Equity Release on London Homes

All our equity release advisers are members of the Equity Release Council & as such follow the ‘Code of Conduct’ rules that have enabled the equity release industry to build its
respected appeal.
Therefore, anyone over the age of 55, with a property value
above £70,000 can get advice on the full range of lifetime
mortgage and home reversion plans available. They can
identify whether your property type & location will qualify
for any of these equity release London schemes.

Call our London based equity release team on 0800 028 3034

Equity Release Switch Plans Calculator

Equity Release London understand that there are many existing lifetime mortgage holders with legacy equity release schemes that could benefit from a full review. Older plans may not necessarily be so competitive in today’s environment of lower interest rates, higher maximum releases and flexible equity release options. Our London Equity Release Switch Plans Calculator can be the start of this review process.

Why Londoners Should Consider A Remortgage Equity Release Scheme

Since taking out historic equity release schemes, homeowners circumstances may have changed along with those of the financial world. Our London Equity Release Remortgage Calculator will help analyse whether it may be in your best interests to consider switching lifetime mortgage schemes. Older schemes could include Norwich Union, Northern Rock (now Papilio UK), In Retirement Services, Home & Capital & Portman Building Society.

Click here to complete your Switch Plans Calculation.